Pi Alpha Recruitment

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Recruitment Draws Nine Young Men To Pi Alpha!

The 2017-18 school year finished strong for Pi Alpha!  Recruitment inducted nine new members into the psi beta pledge class of Spring 2018. This is another strong pledge class of future leaders with great academics, campus leaders and community involvement!

  1.  Psi Beta raised $70 for the Humane Society and fundraised over $160 with T-shirt sales
  2.  Many were captains of their high school sports team
  3.  Two of them are Eagle Scouts and two others are involved in the ROTC program
  4.  All have strong campus and community involvement
  5.  We have new members from four academic colleges on campus

The new member process is underway with a hyper focus on NO HAZING!  The return of the common man, gentleman’s fraternity is in full swing!  The Pi Alpha Alumni Association will not tolerate hazing from active or alumni members.  PERIOD.


Ben Edwards 2013
Evan Mahl 2013

Joshua Dyer – Physical Therapy

Jeffery Hornsby – Pharmacy

Jeffery Fouke Jr. – Mechanical Engineer

Daniel Kern – Criminal Justice

Dylan McEowen – Mechanical Engineering

Kevin LaPrad – Business

Banyon McKart – Chemical Engineering (minor in chemistry)

Jax Wachob – Criminal Justice

Bobby Zarnick – Accounting