Pi Alpha Homecoming 2024!

Countdown to Homecoming 2024!








Homecoming 2024

Homecoming 2024 is currently schedules for Saturday, October 5 2024. We are excited to partner with Chi Omega for this year’s parade float.

Homecoming Rewind

Homecoming 2023

ΚΔΡ and AOΠ Place Second!

ΚΔΡ and AOΠ placed second in the 2023 homecoming celebrations. The homecoming theme was Heroes vs Villains. The day was completed with a 35-33 Rockets victory!

Homecoming 2022

ΚΔΡ and ΠBΦ are Homecoming Partners!

ΚΔΡ and ΠBΦ partnered for the 2022 homecoming parade! They worked together to construct a Rockets Flashback themed float. Homecoming was capped off with a 38-17 Rockets win over Central Michigan!

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