Pi Alpha Homecoming 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019
Toledo 31, Western Michigan 24

KDR and AOII Take 3rd Place In Homecoming Float

Charlie Pelfrey Wins Homecoming King

Twenty-eight Alumni Brothers Donate $2,500 To Emergency Float Building Fund

Throwback Uniforms Celebrate The 50th Anniversary of The Undefeated Rocket Football Team

Thank You Alumni Brothers For Donating To The  Homecoming Float Fund!!

  • Matt Armstead
  • Brian Bachtel
  • Logan Bowling
  • Vince Broadway
  • Todd Broecker
  • John Campbel, Sr. 
  • Mike Carson
  • Spencer Clement
  • Michael Cunningham
  • James Duke
  • Paul Emerson
  • Matt Feldman
  • Chris Halvorson
  • Mike Hanf
  • Eric Henry
  • Terry Henschen
  • Brian King
  • Tom Lybarger
  • Jeff Malcolm
  • Jeff Moser
  • Ron Peeps
  • Gregg Peppel
  • Matt Perry
  • Craig Petz
  • Kyle Rable
  • Al Rahal
  • Dave Ruddock
  • Bryan Thom

Chapter Invests In Materials To Create a Portable Structure For Future Float Building

Thank You Alumni Brother Rob Sherman For Providing Industrial Strength Tarps To Cover The Structure!!!  You Saved Homecoming!!

Building The Float

KDR and AOII Spirit During The Parade

Brother Charlie Pelfrey Wins Homecoming King!

Alumni Brothers Tailgating In Lot 10

Thank You Brother Jeff Fouke For Working Over 100 Hours In Two Weeks To Lead Float Building!